Technology Platform

Hangzhou Huadi Group Co., Limited, which owns a municipal enterprise technical centers in Hangzhou, a technology research and development center of animal source active matter, a provincial-level high-tech enterprise research and development center, dedicated to new products’,new technology’s research and development and industrial transformation research of biological medicine high-tech fields, health food, cosmetics, etc., which are supported much by Country.

R & D center established extraction and separation technology lab, efficient synthesis technology lab, separation and purification technology lab, detection and security technology lab, totally contains 11 subordinate laboratories equiped with several pilot plant which have test sites over 1,600 square meters, More than 150 pieces of various types of equipment, over 30 R & D staff,over 20 full-time staff, the bachelor degree researchers and the above accounted for more than 75 percent. In recent years, we bring in many doctors and masters, and also hired well-known domestic research institutes’ experts and professors, and college professional mentor as R & D center the company full-time and part-time technical adviser for the R & D center.

In recent years, the center has launched more than a dozen projects about research and development and industrial transformation according to the company's requirements, resulting in significant social and economic benefits, some of which won the National Innovation Fund project, Zhejiang Science and Technology Project, Hangzhou science projects and other projects, a number of projects won state invention patent certificate, the Country's key new product certification, Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou Science and Technology Progress Award. At technological innovation, the center using new bio-separation and purification technology to improve product quality and technical content of existing multi-component biochemical drugs and synthetic peptide drugs. The Technology is the industry leader. The technology of using vitro cell test biological activity of biochemical products is in leading position in domestic, and has been invited to participate in the national drug standards improve.

When the company is doing independent research and development, it also active cooperate with The Chinese academy of sciences institute of process, Zhejiang University of Science and province emphasis laboratoryin long time, launching industry-university-research cooperation activities and exchanging Science and Technology correspondent with Chinese Academy of Sciences.