Seeking Cooperation

As a national High and New Tech Enterprise, Hangzhou Huadi Group  Co., Ltd, mainly specialized in Bio-extracted raw material, Synthesis peptides, Biochemical formulations and Nutritional supplements with strong activity and safety. To adapt Group company’s development requirements, we are building a high-tech biological industrial park in Anji Tianzi lake development zone and keeping open-minded to explore more opportunities and modern ways to cooperate with a variety of pharmaceutical companies all over the world. 

Our new cooperation models are as follows: 

1. R&D Service

We would provide our technology to R&D and API production, if you know good new biological products and want to find a company to R&D. 

2. Technology Transfer

We would provide our technology and support you from manufacturing raw material to formulation processed, registration, and market locally, if you are interested in our API and would like to develop it and its finished formulation in your market. 

3. Registration Cooperation

We would provide the locally registered formulations, if you have rich experience in registration and your domestic market promotions. 

4. OEM Service

We would offer OEM service for Capsule, Tablet, Small dose injection.