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Pharmaceutical industry is the basic industry of Huadi group, started in the early 1990s, after 20 years of development, Huadi has the international advanced level of scientific research and Industrialization  transformation ability on biochemical extraction products, multi-component biochemical medicine, synthetic peptide products, especially on the development and production of the biological extraction productsand multi-component biochemical medicine. 

Member companies of the Group insist to ask effectiveness from the management, actively bring in ERP, lean manufacturing and other modern management ideas and management methods, use the scientificmanagement methods, constantly improve the scientific management level of enterprises, and strive to build a first-class modern pharmaceutical companies.

Hangzhou Huajin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., is a national level high-tech enterprises, products are saled in over 30 provinces in domestic and exported to many countries, such as South Korea, Brazil, Vietnam, Pakistan, etc. Since its establishment, it insists to scientific and technological innovation and improve product quality standards in accordance with the requirements of the development of biological medicine. The company Self-developed products, hepatocyte growth-promoting factors enteric-coated capsules as the new national drug, it is the exclusive varieties in China and identified as the key recommendationproducts by Zhejiang Province, successfully exported to South Korea andEurope. Huajin's products are very popular with medical workers and  patients because of its unique efficacy, excellent quality and reasonable prices.

Zhejiang Huajin Yike Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is acquired from the former China Anti-ageing group and rebuilded. It is modern high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise which integrates the biochemical, pharmaceutical raw materials'research and development, productionand sales. The company has a number of freeze-dried powder and small  volume injection production lines. It implements on-line monitoring, CIP, online sterilization, the degree of automation achieves the advanced level.