Group Culture


Guiding the group companies to build an advanced brand by finding multiple channels and continuous innovation, and to achieve the vision of sustainable development and leading the industry.


People first, improving health, daring to fight and innovate, solidarity and cooperation, benefiting human.


The Group is doing business based on faith and honesty- We insist on the service philosophy of win-win and customer first and the business philosophy of quality first- We also keep doing scientific and technical innovation, scientific management, product diversification, technology leading, production internationalization, etc.


Being loyal to company, be faithful to customer,respect your post. Loving company is like to love yourself, respect customer is like to respect life,love post is like to love your families.Being indebted,working hard and happy, attitude first, pursue team win-win.


For workers, providing good working environment,satisfied vacation rules, and other things which makes workers feel at home-For customers, we strictly monitoreach batch product before transporting to customer.

We are doing the best to supply the best quality to customerwith the best service. Our purpose is to make you live healthier.