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Chinese beauty industry is a kind of growth industry, which hasconsiderable development space. Its stretch is vast, content is rich, supply and demand elasticity is strong. It is sunrise industry which has capacious industry prospect. Some experts predict, the total scale of cosmetics industry will exceed any other industry to be the biggest social industry. Now, the basic features of cosmetics industry are in the trend of industrialization, collectivization, matured, marketization and internationalization, and it also has good self-discipline, faster and newer concept, development sustainability, etc.The cosmetics industry of China is stepping into better development future with new look, good development environment, thriving  entrepreneurial passion.

Cosmetics has broad market space, and fight for beauty for meeting women's dream. Within more and more women younger than 23 yearsold and elder than 60 years old and men join in the consume group, thecompetition of cosmetics market is become more and more fierce. Now,  the brand era is coming, market economic system and industry regulations are more complete, the era of marketing with hyping will be over soon. The consumer's health care concept is more and more mature, and rational consumption has already being a kind of trend. 

Hangzhou Huadi Group Ltd. is one of the company which proposedbiological beauty, gene skin care. The company dedicated to the research, develop and produce bioactive protein and poly-peptide cosmetics raw materials and bio cosmetics. Our main products include porcine placenta extract, bovine placenta extract, sheep placenta extract, acetyl hexapeptide, etc.